Boleskine House Tour

I have created rather special and a bit unusual project for The Boleskine House Foundation.

Kyra and Keith Readdy allowed me to visit the site with my 360 camera and capture virtual tour of famous Boleskine House – building which has suffered major damage due to two fires and is currently being lovingly restored.

This is just a small tour which only shows part of the building – if you would like to see full tour check out their website or FB page for details.

The tour is using simple UI with thumbnail menu which allows quick navigation between rooms. It also contains small floor map with pins for each panorama.

Also the tour can be viewed using VR googles like Oculus or Google Cardboard. There is a special icon which appears in the menu when supported device is recognised.



Silverglades Holiday Homes

End of 2019 was very busy for us as we have been commissioned once again to produce multiple virtual tours for Silverglades Holiday Homes in Aviemore.

This was the second time when we worked for Julia. Back in 2016 we have produced Google hosted Virtual Tours for 13 self-catering properties from Silverglades’ portfolio.

Fast forward to 2019 – many properties have been re-decorated by new owners and Julia’s website has been completely redesigned as well. Refreshed virtual tours published on new website allowed customers from all over the world to visit properties and familiarise with layout, location and features.

Below is just one of many virtual tour from this project – probably my favourite one – Property 159.

Best enjoyed in full screen.